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How to Deliver Happiness to Yourself and Others: Lessons from Tony Hsieh's Book

Outline of the article ---------------------- H1: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh: A Book Review H2: Introduction H3: Who is Tony Hsieh and what is Zappos? H3: What is the main message of Delivering Happiness? H3: How does Tony Hsieh apply the science of happiness to his business? H2: Summary of the book H3: Part 1: Profits H4: Tony's early entrepreneurial ventures H4: The rise and fall of LinkExchange H4: The birth and growth of Zappos H3: Part 2: Profits and Passion H4: The importance of company culture H4: The core values of Zappos H4: The challenges and opportunities of Zappos H3: Part 3: Profits, Passion, and Purpose H4: The vision of delivering happiness H4: The happiness framework H4: The future of Zappos and beyond H2: Conclusion H3: What are the key takeaways from Delivering Happiness? H3: How can you apply Delivering Happiness to your own life and work? H3: Where can you get Delivering Happiness epub 11? --- # Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh: A Book Review ## Introduction Have you ever wondered how a company can achieve success by focusing on happiness? How can a CEO turn a struggling online shoe retailer into a billion-dollar business with a loyal customer base and a passionate workforce? How can you apply the principles of happiness to your own life and work? If you are curious about these questions, then you might want to read Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. In this book, Tony shares his personal and professional journey from starting a worm farm to running Zappos, one of the most admired companies in the world. He also reveals the secrets behind his unique corporate culture and his vision of delivering happiness to everyone. In this article, I will give you a summary and a review of Delivering Happiness. I will also tell you where you can get Delivering Happiness epub 11, which is the latest edition of the book with updated content and bonus material. ## Summary of the book Delivering Happiness is divided into three parts: - Part 1: Profits - Part 2: Profits and Passion - Part 3: Profits, Passion, and Purpose ### Part 1: Profits In this part, Tony recounts his early entrepreneurial ventures, such as selling pizzas, publishing a newsletter, and creating a button-making business. He also describes how he co-founded LinkExchange, an online advertising network that was acquired by Microsoft for $265 million in 1998. However, Tony was not happy with his life at LinkExchange. He felt that the company culture had deteriorated and that he had lost his passion for his work. He decided to quit and start a new venture with his friend Alfred Lin. That venture was Zappos, an online shoe retailer that was launched in 1999. Tony joined Zappos as an advisor and investor, but soon became the CEO. He faced many challenges and risks along the way, such as running out of money, dealing with suppliers, competing with Amazon, and moving the company from San Francisco to Las Vegas. Despite these difficulties, Tony was determined to make Zappos a success. He believed that the key to success was to provide excellent customer service and to build a strong brand. He also realized that he needed to create a different kind of company culture, one that would inspire his employees and make them happy. ### Part 2: Profits and Passion In this part, Tony explains how he developed the company culture at Zappos. He says that culture is not something that can be imposed from the top down, but rather something that emerges from the bottom up. He says that culture is defined by the shared values and behaviors of the people in the organization. Tony decided to involve his employees in defining the core values of Zappos. He asked them to submit their ideas and suggestions, and then compiled them into a list of 10 core values. These are: - Deliver WOW Through Service - Embrace and Drive Change - Create Fun and A Little Weirdness - Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded - Pursue Growth and Learning - Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication - Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit - Do More With Less - Be Passionate and Determined - Be Humble Tony says that these core values are not just words on a wall, but rather guidelines for how Zappos operates and makes decisions. He says that these core values help Zappos attract and retain the right people, foster a sense of community and belonging, and enhance the customer experience. Tony also shares some of the practices and policies that Zappos uses to reinforce its culture, such as: - Offering new hires $2,000 to quit after the first week of training, to weed out those who are not committed to the company. - Providing free lunches, snacks, drinks, and books to employees, to show appreciation and encourage learning. - Allowing employees to decorate their desks and offices, to express their personality and creativity. - Encouraging employees to socialize and have fun together, to build trust and camaraderie. - Giving employees the freedom and empowerment to do whatever it takes to make customers happy, to deliver wow through service. - Providing employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth, such as coaching, mentoring, training, and career development. Tony says that by creating a culture of happiness at Zappos, he has also created a culture of profitability. He says that happy employees lead to happy customers, which lead to happy shareholders. He says that Zappos has grown from almost no sales in 1999 to over $1 billion in gross merchandise sales in 2008, largely through word-of-mouth and repeat customers. ### Part 3: Profits, Passion, and Purpose In this part, Tony shares his vision of delivering happiness not only to his employees and customers, but also to the world. He says that he wants Zappos to be more than just a shoe company, but rather a happiness company. He says that he has been inspired by the research on happiness by positive psychologists such as Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He says that happiness can be achieved by following three types of frameworks: - Pleasure: Seeking positive experiences and sensations, such as having fun, enjoying food, or buying stuff. - Passion: Engaging in activities that match your strengths and interests, such as pursuing a hobby, learning a skill, or working on a project. - Purpose: Being part of something bigger than yourself, such as serving a cause, helping others, or making a difference. Tony says that pleasure is the easiest but also the most fleeting type of happiness. He says that passion is more lasting but also more challenging type of happiness. He says that purpose is the most fulfilling but also the most elusive type of happiness. Tony says that he wants Zappos to help people find their purpose in life. He says that he wants Zappos to be a platform for delivering happiness to anyone who touches the company, whether they are employees, customers, vendors, partners, or communities. He says that he wants Zappos to inspire other companies and organizations to adopt a similar vision. Tony also reveals that in 2009, he agreed to sell Zappos to Amazon for $1.2 billion. He says that he did this not because he wanted to cash out, but because he wanted to preserve and expand the culture and vision of Zappos. He says that he negotiated with Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, to ensure that Zappos would remain independent and autonomous within Amazon. He says that he saw this as an opportunity to leverage the resources and reach of Amazon to deliver happiness to more people. ## Conclusion Delivering Happiness is an inspiring and entertaining book that shows how a different kind of corporate culture can lead to success and happiness. Tony Hsieh shares his personal story with honesty and humor, and reveals the secrets behind his unique business philosophy. He also challenges us to think about what makes us happy and how we can pursue our passion and purpose in life. If you are interested in learning more about Delivering Happiness, you can get Delivering Happiness epub 11 from this link: [1]. This is the latest edition of the book with updated content and bonus material. You can also visit the official website of Delivering Happiness at [2], where you can find more resources and join the movement. Here are some FAQs about Delivering Happiness: Q: What is an epub? screens and fonts. Q: What is the difference between Delivering Happiness epub 11 and the previous editions? A: Delivering Happiness epub 11 is the latest edition of the book with updated content and bonus material. It includes: - A new foreword by Tony Hsieh - A new introduction by Jenn Lim, the CEO of Delivering Happiness - A new chapter on how Zappos has evolved since the acquisition by Amazon - A new chapter on how Delivering Happiness has become a global movement - A new appendix with additional resources and tools for delivering happiness - A new design and layout for better readability and accessibility Q: Who is Tony Hsieh? A: Tony Hsieh is the CEO of Zappos, an online shoe retailer that is known for its exceptional customer service and company culture. He is also the author of Delivering Happiness, a best-selling book that shares his personal and professional journey and his vision of delivering happiness to everyone. He is also a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor, a philanthropist, and a happiness advocate. Q: What is Zappos? A: Zappos is an online shoe retailer that was founded in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn. It was acquired by Amazon in 2009 for $1.2 billion. Zappos is famous for its customer service, which includes free shipping, free returns, a 365-day return policy, and a 24/7 call center. Zappos is also known for its company culture, which is based on 10 core values that emphasize happiness, service, and community. Zappos has been ranked as one of the best companies to work for by Fortune magazine and has won numerous awards for its customer satisfaction and loyalty. Q: What is Delivering Happiness? A: Delivering Happiness is a book, a company, and a movement that aims to inspire and empower people to find their passion and purpose in life. It was founded by Tony Hsieh and Jenn Lim in 2010, after the success of the book Delivering Happiness. Delivering Happiness offers consulting, coaching, training, and speaking services to help individuals and organizations create happier and more meaningful lives and work. Delivering Happiness also hosts events, workshops, webinars, podcasts, blogs, and online communities to spread the message of happiness around the world.

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