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Sequence-specific molecular interactions on carbon nanotube surfaces remain the subject of fundamental research in most cases. Nshimiyimana et al. investigated the effect of magnetic fields on the electrical resistance of single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) arrays. SWNT devices consist of a mixture of metallic and semiconducting SWNTs between palladium electrodes. The resistance increases as the external magnetic field becomes higher, indicating that the MR of SWNTs is positive [1]. Salem et al. observed and analyzed universal ionic strength-mediated phase transitions exhibited by more than 25 different oligonucleotides adsorbed onto single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) in colloidal suspension. At high (low) ionic strength, the negatively charged phosphate backbone increases (decreases) DNA surface coverage and is well described by a two-state equilibrium model [2]. Zhiheng et al. used a simple hydrothermal method to synthesize nanoribbons and carbon nanotube composites and then incorporated CNTs to evaluate the electrochemical behavior of the composites [3]. Magnin et al. deduce the structure diagram and phase diagram of the composite material through the chemical properties of the catalyst through the thermodynamic model, so that the catalyst and growth parameters can be reasonably selected [4]. These studies are all studies on carbon nanotube materials, and lack of product application analysis.

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The advancement of modern science and technology has provided modern fiber manufacturers with a wide variety of materials, and the creation of fiber art products is no longer limited by traditional fiber materials. Through modern craftsmanship, traditional fiber materials are changed to form new high-tech fiber materials, providing artists with more creative choices. Many new materials such as synthetic materials, metal fibers, and glass and ceramic fibers also provide artists with more modern Fiber Art Creation. Through special processing technology, these new materials will undergo different changes in texture, some become flexible, and some are rigid. At the same time, compared with traditional materials, the new materials have more morphological plasticity. Like perforated plastics and rubbers, they can exhibit very rich variations on demand, increasing the freedom of artistic conception. Fiber creation artists should be more advanced than traditional materials in the expression of creative concepts, which is the difference between modern new materials. Through fiber creation attempts to express and realize personal emotions. Both traditional fiber materials and modern new composite materials can express artistic information and ideas through artistic products, under the condition of desire and motivation expressed through works.

The processed carbon nanotube composite material is more heat resistant than the pure carbon nanotube material, and the bending strength and bending modulus are also significantly improved, after adding MWCNTs-NH2 and MWCNTs-COOH, the T350 was increased by 28% and 14%, respectively, and the effect was obvious, which can also shine in the production process of modern fiber art. This modern fiber art composite material is more perfect in genre and specific performance. Composite materials are added to fiber art in a new form of expression, and there is a broad space for development and comprehensive utilization in artistic creation. More and more fiber artists are creating art through new composite materials. The materials of new composite materials can show different artistic effects and realize the freedom of the entire creative process. Art is moving forward, artists are using their passion and creativity to transform various objects and techniques into magic, and modern fiber art is entering the realm of pure art with the help of objects and techniques. 350c69d7ab


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