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According to data scientist Floe Foxon, more people are reporting seeing Bigfoot in areas with high recorded black bear populations. Foxon concludes, "If bigfoot is there, it may be many bears".[121] Foxon acknowledges that alleged Bigfoot sightings have been reported in areas with minimal or no known black bear populations. She states, "Although this may be interpreted as evidence for the existence of an unknown hominid in North America, it is also explained by misidentification of other animals (including humans), among other possibilities".[122]



A youth group was camping in the Marble Mountain Wilderness, California when leader Jim Mills noticed a strange-looking creature skulking along a ridge nearby. He filmed it for nearly seven minutes, making the somewhat-grainy footage the longest video of an alleged bigfoot sighting.

Mississippi resident Josh Highcliff captured video of this potential bigfoot while hunting on his property in 2013. Afraid to go back to the woods, he posted the footage to YouTube asking for help to identify the animal or for a prankster to come forward.

The Times-Standard (opens in new tab), a newspaper covering California's North Coast, looks at the reporting that sparked the Bigfoot phenomenon if you want to learn more about the origins of the contemporary myth. The University of California Berkeley's Cal Alumni Association (opens in new tab) offers great information on whether bigfoot is worthy of scientific analysis and whether science benefits from such monster hunts.

Lauren M. Johnson, CNN, "Oklahoma lawmaker proposes a bill that calls for creation of a Bigfoot hunting season," Jan. 25, 2021. -lawmaker-bigfoot-hunting-season-bill-trnd/index.html (opens in new tab)

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Feel free to contact us with questions by email or phone. We're available 9AM - 5PM MDT Monday - Saturday and we're happy to help. Email: support@bigfoot-bushcraft.comPhone: (719) 645-8178. 041b061a72


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