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Cross/low Filters - These are usually membrane-type filters used for ultrafiltration. In the field of biotechnology these types of filters are used in ultrafiltration devices used in concentrating solutions, and performing buffer exchanges.

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Cake Filters - These are filters that are used to remove large amounts of solids from a slurry solution. They would normally be seen in biotechnology in the primary clarification of fermentation batches and in a variety of solids removal steps seen in the production of drugs via organic synthesis. The first two categories, clarifying and crossflow filters, have been very well developed and optimized for use in biotechnology and standard wastewater treatment applications. Equipment is easily available for these applications, whether as small 0.2 micron sterilizing filter used to terminally sterilize 100 ml of product solution, or a small 500 ml crossflow filter used to concentrate a small amount of antibody solution. Many vendors of this equipment to wastewater treatment applications have their origins in the CPI (Chemical Process Industries), and have incorporated many of the scale-up and optimization properties developed in much larger units used in large scale chemical production. As a result, these two filtration unit operations are one of the most optimized and efficient used in wastewater treatment.

The third category, cake filters, although well developed in many wastewater treatment applications, are the least developed of the filtration equipment use by the Biotech Industry. In the organic synthesis laboratory sometimes very simple equipment like a funnel and filter paper is used to accomplish this operation. Some other operations used for this filtration step in the lab are more sophisticated, but many are very labor intensive and limit the capacity of the overall production process itself. As a result, there is a need for optimization of the cake filtration equipment used in biotechnology. Cake filtration equipment is available in batch and continuous modes. Following are several examples of cake filtration units:

This devise consists of a continuous traveling horizontal belt that looks like a conveyor belt. Slurry is loaded at one end and vacuum is pulled on the underside of the belt. The filtrate passes through the belt and the solid cake remains on top. As the belt moves the cake is washed and dried and is then discharged off the end of the belt as is wraps around under the machine. This equipment is usually used for slurries that have solids that are not easily suspendible in solution. Although there are many of these industrial-type cake filters in operation outside biotechnology, few have been specifically optimized or "scaled-down" use in the Biotech lab or pilot plant. Some manufacturers do provide small scale versions of their equipment, but typically these units are used to run pilot tests on a customer's slurry for the purpose of designing the proper large scale equipment. A photograph of an installation is shown in Figure 17 and a schematic of the operation is given in Figure 18. 041b061a72


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